Loropetalum ‘EverRed’ Chinese Witch Hazel


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  • This new, enhanced variety of Chinese Witch Hazel produces the most spectacular firework-like flowers!
  • Evergreen, it’s perfect for adding amazing autumn and spring interest to your garden when much else lies dormant.
  • It’s great in containers and pots on the patio as it doesn’t require a lot of space to grow and loves shade.
  • Slow growing and spreading it’s a very easy shrub to maintain.
  • Supplied as a 2 year old established plant in a 15cm pot, ready to plant out.

Product Information

An unsung hero of the garden, the ‘EverRed’ variety of Loropetalum, or Chinese Witch Hazel, enhances its beauty even more.

Perfect for autumn and early spring colour in the garden, ‘EverRed’ has very deep magenta red ribbon-like flowers that erupt like sparklers! The stunning flowers contrast against the deepest purple, evergreen foliage that lasts all year round.

Great in containers, it is slow growing and spreading so is very easy to manage and maintain. A great all-rounder, ‘EverRed’ is a shade lover that will thrive in gaps in beds and borders but it will also tolerate full sun if you want to plant up in a pot and place on the patio for a real feature!

Does best in cool, well-drained spots – avoid wet roots in winter.

Supplied as a 2 year old established plant in a 15cm pot, ready to plant out.

What Is Supplied

Item 510306 supplied as:

Supplied as a 2 year old established plant in a 15cm pot, ready to plant out.

Perfect In Pots      Plant In Shade      Winter Hardy

Top Tips

Avoid full sun and wet feet in winter.

Care Information

  • Although hardy to -10°C, young leaves can be damaged by frost, although they will grow back. Provide protection if frost threatens to revent damage.
  • Grow in a sheltered area in sun or light dappled shade. South to south-west facing is ideal.
  • Loropetalum prefers a slightly acidic, humus-rich soil that retains moisture so add ericaceous compost to the planting hole or grow in a container.
  • Keep well-watered.
  • Like clematis, Chinese witch hazel likes to have cool roots, so grow it were the roots are likely to be shaded, such as among perennials or cover the area with a thick mulch of gravel.
  • In the colder parts of the country (i.e where temperatures are likely to drop below -10C), Loropetalum should be treated as tender and kept in a large terracotta container that can be brought in for the winter.


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